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FORTUNE Ranks Us Top 10 Again!

by Dee & Vanessa, September 01, 2019

Based on the feedback of 223,000 employees working in our industry, Care Indeed was again selected as a top organization in aging services for the second year in a row! 

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Everything You Need to Know About the Vet Assist Program – Part 1

by Vanessa Valerio, August 27, 2019

As a veteran or a caregiver of a veteran, you may not always be able to locate assistance programs that can benefit you following your years of service. In this new series, we’d like to provide...

Five Strategies to Help a Parent Who Refuses Care

by Vanessa Valerio, August 27, 2019

It’s natural for an aging parent to want to maintain his or her independence. In fact, adult children are tasked with finding ways to offer care without making their parents feel as if they are...

3 Effective Ways to Connect with Someone Who Has Dementia

by Vanessa Valerio, August 13, 2019

More than 50 million people worldwide suffer from dementia in any given year with the number expected to reach more than 130 million by 2050, according to Alzheimer’s Disease International. As the...

Values Matter In a Thriving Work Culture

by Vanessa Valerio, August 05, 2019

What a fantastic month we had at Care Indeed! As we reflect on all the incredible moments we have experienced throughout our company's journey, the ongoing commitment of our employees most humbles...

Caregiver Spotlight: Yeny Ramirez

by Vanessa Valerio, August 01, 2019

Yeny believes that being a caregiver is instrumental in making a difference in someone's life. Peers and clients have praised her for her professionalism, diligent work ethic, and ability to adapt...

Top Three foods that help you keep cool this summer

by Vanessa Valerio, July 29, 2019

In the summertime, your body needs extra nourishment to beat the heat and feel energized throughout the day. Balanced nutritional meals help you stay active and stave off fatigue. Foods with high...

Best Practices for Palliative Care

by Vanessa Valerio, July 22, 2019

When faced with a chronic condition or the care of a loved one with a debilitating disease, the first step is to find the care you need. This care may include in-home caregivers or a team of...