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5 Things Menlo Park Seniors Can Do To Enjoy A Healthier Life

by Amy, March 31, 2016

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As Menlo Park in home caregivers, our ultimate goal is to help Menlo Park seniors enjoy a happier, healthier, more fulfilled life. There are certain things all of us can do to improve our health, particularly those who are getting on up there in years. Of course eating a healthy diet is important, but what else can you do as a senior or as someone who cares for an aging loved one? Here are a few tips for a healthier body, both physically and mentally.

First, eat those veggies! Whether steamed, raw, or stir-fried, it's important to eat five servings of vegetables each day. A great source of vitamins, veggies aid in digestion and are low in calories.

Engage in physical activity. Yes, exercising is on every "get healthier" list, and for good reason! Physical activity has been proven to lower cholesterol, improve blood pressure, help diabetes patients, reduce stress, and much more. Before you begin any exercise program, be sure to consult with your doctor.

Have a positive outlook. Positive thinking is essential for boosting your overall health and supporting your immune system. Essentially, your body is controlled by your brain and what you think. A positive attitude is one of the most important links to good overall health!

Socialize with others who are focused on good health. Whether your friends or family, it's important to engage in relationships with those who focus on good health; in other words, those who are happy, positive about life in general, and who are focused on living a contented, full life. Happiness and health are contagious.

Get a good night's rest. The importance of sufficient sleep cannot be stressed enough! Sleep recharges your body and gives you the rest you need for everything you face in life, including stress. Stress is a killer; getting a good night's sleep reduces stress and anxiety, and gives your body a chance to rejuvenate. Turn off the television, computer, and other electronic devices at least an hour before bedtime so your mind/body can "disconnect."

At Care Indeed, our Menlo Park home caregivers are dedicated, highly trained, and most important of all, focused on improving the overall quality of life for seniors. For all of your caregiving needs, trust our staff for compassion and caring.