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Alzheimer's Care - Could The Disease Affect Your Family?

by Amy, November 05, 2015

alzheimer's care

You may be worried that Alzheimer's disease is in an aging loved one's future, or even your own. While it's impossible to see into the future, dementia and Alzheimer's are conditions everyone should be concerned about. The good news is that there are new blood tests that can "predict" up to three years in advance whether someone may be afflicted with this life-changing and horrible disease. If you or a loved one were susceptible to the disease, would you want to know it in advance? As experts in Alzheimer's care, we understand the stress related to the challenges of this disease whether yourself or a loved one may be afflicted.

Last year, a new test that claims to be 90 percent accurate was developed by scientists who felt strongly the test could result in the early diagnosis of progressive dementia in those who are aging. While these results meant that one in ten could possibly be misdiagnosed with a disease for which there is no truly effective treatment, it is believed that the blood test could assist in the search for a cure or therapy by identifying those individuals at the highest risk, those who may find experimental treatments beneficial.

The study, published in the journal Nature Medicine, involved more than 500 volunteers who were over the age of 70 and basically healthy. These participants were monitored over a five-year time period so that researchers could see if those participants did eventually develop Alzheimer's or mild dementia. A lipid panel (lipids are fatty chemicals that circulate in the bloodstream) was found to distinguish those who would remain normal in the near future and those who may develop Alzheimer's or mild cognitive impairment with 90 percent accuracy.

At Care Indeed, we understand the concerns of those with aging or elderly loved ones who may be exhibiting symptoms of dementia or Alzheimer's. Our compassionate caregivers are capable of meeting all of your family's needs, helping create a safe environment. Whether your loved one needs assistance with toileting, bathing, hygiene, taking medications on time, meals, dressing, housekeeping, mental exercises, or even overnight care or social activities, we provide customized solutions for those in the Lamorinda area.