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April Showers Bring More Symptoms

by Kristy, May 17, 2017


April Showers Bring More Symptoms

It's that time of season again...April's showers bring more flowers. Yes, allergy season is here! And this year, it has come earlier than expected. Although this spring has blessed us with blooming flowers and beautiful scenic landscapes, it has also swept in doses of pollen. The sounds of chirping birds won't be the only thing being heard in the upcoming months!

Although we can't control how much pollen is in the air that we breathe, there are ways to alleviate allergy symptoms, per say, nip them in the bud.

  • Know what triggers your seasonal allergies
  • Grass, pollen, mold (MOST COMMON)
  • Start taking allergy medications before symptoms start to arise.
  • Reduce exposure by staying indoors on dry, windy days. The best time to go outside is after it has rained where pollen is cleared from the air.
  • Know when pollen counts are high
  • Local stations usually report current pollen levels
  • Close windows and doors
  • Avoid morning outdoor activity as pollen count is usually the highest then.
  • Get proper treatment!
  • Make an appointment with your primary care provider or an allergist.
  • Can diagnose and recommend variety of treatment options.

Keep these useful tips in mind and enjoy the beautiful spring weather this year has to offer!

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