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Assisted Living vs. In Home Care in San Francisco

by Amy, September 10, 2015

in home care

As trusted in home care providers in the San Francisco Bay Area, we realize that aging seniors have several choices, and choosing what to do may depend on age, physical/mental health, finances, ability of adult children to provide care, and other factors. In the majority of cases, family members may choose to place their elderly loves ones in a nursing home or assisted living facility, or hire home caregivers who are fully trained and capable. Which option is right in your situation? You will find the information below helpful in making an educated decision.

Moving to a nursing home or assisted living facility is a major life change. Selling your loved one's home, getting rid of cherished possessions, living in a completely foreign environment - these changes can be difficult not only on your aging loved one, but on your family as well. This is a huge responsibility that takes an enormous amount of energy, time, and financial resources. Moving to a nursing home or assisted living facility can be emotionally stressful for seniors, who typically feel most comfortable and happy at home. In addition, when an aging parent moves to another facility, determining the quality of care he or she is actually receiving is difficult, as you cannot be around 24/7.

Home care is the preferred choice of most seniors. Understandably, most parents who are aging feel most comfortable in their own homes. The familiarity and memories are important in providing peace of mind and happiness, which has an impact on emotional and physical health. Living in a home where your loved has precious memories of time shared with a spouse or even the children is important to most who are aging. Additionally, in home care services in the San Francisco area make it possible for care to be tailored to your loved one's needs, whether he/she needs assistance with meals, medications, light housekeeping, running errands, hygiene, doctor's appointments, or care at night. The companionship is an added benefit many seniors enjoy, helping them avoid the loneliness aging often brings about.

The advantages of in home caregivers over moving to a nursing home or assisted living facility are obvious. If you are having a difficult time helping an aging loved one decide on the most beneficial type of care, call Care Indeed today to learn more about the wide array of services we provide.