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Bay Area Senior Care - Aging Facts That May Surprise You

by Amy, August 05, 2016

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Many people perceive those who are aging as frail, forgetful, and unable to engage fully in life. While some of the elderly do have physical problems and conditions such as Alzheimer's, a growing number of seniors are vital and vigorous, fully immersed in the joys of life. Our Bay Area caregivers thought you might be interested in some of these surprising facts about aging!

Even in those 60 and older, the brain is still growing. According to a study found in The Journal of Neuroscience, seniors' brains can grow from learning a new activity. In the study, a group of 60-year-olds were taught to juggle. Researchers were astounded by the results, which revealed growth in the segment of the brain that controls visual perception!

A third of the U.S. population is older than 50 - and one in eight are over 65. Our population is growing older by the minute! While the median age in the U.S. was 37 at the 2010 Census, the senior population is growing faster than the younger or Millennial population. By 2030, it's expected one in five people in America will be 65 or older.

Falls can be caused by a negative mindset. While some seniors are prone to falling because of medical conditions, lack of balance, and other reasons, simply being worried or anxious that you're going to fall can actually make you fall. A study conducted by The University of New South Wales found that a negative mindset and anxiety about falling actually resulted in an increased risk of falling. Have a positive mindset, and tell yourself you're not going to fall!

Environment is a factor that impacts health. A poor lifestyle including a not-so-healthy diet, lack of exercise, and living conditions can cause lasting effects when it comes to your health in old age. By changing your eating, exercise, and nutrition habits before you develop heart disease or other health problems, you may be able to enjoy a healthier life in later years.

Seniors can live a healthier, fulfilled life - and because you're 60, 65, or older doesn't mean you're ready for a nursing home or assisted living facility. At Care Indeed, our Bay Area senior care givers help seniors remain in their homes and enjoy a happy, active lifestyle. Call us today!