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Bay Area Senior Care - Easing Your Aging Parents Concerns

by Amy, July 03, 2015

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As trusted Bay Area senior care providers, we understand the worries adult children face when it comes to their aging parents. If yours are like most, they probably always say they're "fine" when asked about how they're feeling, or how they're getting around. Still, you may notice little things that concern you whether it's memory issues, physical decline, or other issues.

Perhaps you are worried about your mother, father, or both. We have included a few suggestions below to help ease your concerns about an aging parent or parents:

Don't push for big changes; instead, start small. Maybe dad is on his own and is having a tough time keeping up with the household chores - but he wants to feel he can take care of himself. Offer to do something small, such as washing a load of laundry or ironing. Home caregivers can come in to handle the small tasks, without making a parent feel like he/she is losing his or her independence.

How serious is the situation, really? When you have concerns, having your parent assessed by professionals can provide peace of mind. Adult children can't always look at things objectively; a professional can help you determine what, if anything, needs to be done. We know how to broach these issues, even with seniors who don't want to be "assessed."

Where do you turn? Sometimes not knowing what to do or where to turn is the most worrying of all. Research online to learn about agencies in your area that may be able to help, or talk to someone (a friend or family member, or professional) about your concerns, even when your parent refuses to talk to someone. Simply by voicing your concerns, you will feel better emotionally. Getting advice from others can also help you look at things from a more practical perspective.

Obtain important information. Seniors are often hesitant when it comes to sharing details about their finances, medical providers, etc. Hopefully your aging parent will share key information that may be important in the future, such as financial status, financial advisors, doctors, lawyers, neighbors he/she confides in or trusts. If you cannot get your parent to open up, ask them to let you know where important information is kept in the event you need it in the future. Does your parent have any legal documents such as durable power of attorney? The more you know, the less concerned you will be.

At Care Indeed, we understand the worries many adult children have when it comes to aging parents. Need to talk to a professional about your concerns? Our San Francisco in home care providers are ready to help. Give us a call today, or chat online with one of our support agents now.