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Does Your Bay Area Senior Caregiver Possess These Traits?

by Amy, May 11, 2017

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An increasing number of those who are aging choose to do so in their own homes. Many seniors use home caregivers to help them enjoy life even more, and to remain independent. Not everyone possesses the traits necessary to care for an aging person, whether they are a family member or someone who works independently or even for a home care agency. Below we've listed a few traits we believe are essential for providing the best possible care to the elderly.

Patience is truly a virtue. Dealing with seniors can be trying at times. An elderly person often moves at a slower pace, or may decide he/she doesn't want to eat what you've prepared for lunch. Plans change, and it can be frustrating. Patience is vital in caring for the aging.

Dependability. Seniors count on their caregivers to help them get dressed, take their medications, get their bath prepared, dispense medications, and so much more. Being on time and being dependable is critical. The caregiving industry is not one in which people can call in sick every few days or just show up sporadically.

Compassion. Having compassion or being empathetic is so important; it's having the ability to understand a senior's emotional state and showing true concern for his or her misfortunes or difficulties. Those who are aging are often depressed, have physical limitations, and experience other issues that affect their lives and emotions. Being kind, sensitive, and compassionate is essential when caring for a senior.

Attentiveness. The mental or physical health of the elderly can change on a dime, so attentiveness in a caregiver is critical. By paying attention you will notice any little changes that could indicate a problem, or be available if the person you're caring for needs your help.

Trustworthiness. This one is huge, as we've all heard horror stories of caregivers who stole an elderly person's medications, jewelry, even money or other valuables. Because a person who cares for someone who is aging is in a position of having access to all of the person's belongings, trustworthiness is an absolute must.

Hiring the right in-home senior caregiver is critical to the happiness, safety, and well-being of your aging loved one. Care Indeed provides a wide range of home care services for those in San Jose, Menlo Park, San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area. Put your senior in caring, compassionate hands.