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Bay Area Senior Caregiving - Stimulating The Five Senses

by Amy, March 11, 2016

bay area senior caregiving

For seniors, sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste are particularly important. You may have an aging loved one whose sight isn't so good anymore, or who has to turn up the TV to a level that would drive a younger person crazy in order for him/her to hear it. Touch, taste, and smell are other important senses. Even for those who have dementia, Alzheimer's or other issues, stimulating the senses helps them have increased enthusiasm for everyday living. As Bay Area senior caregiving experts, we have a few tips to help your loved one enjoy the most important things in life.

Sight. Watching television or reading aren't the only joys in life. Those who are older often become bored, so consider going to a movie or taking a walk in an area where the beauty of nature abounds. Art galleries, museums - do anything that requires stimulating sight.

Sound. Hearing is a sense that can have a huge impact on seniors, particularly those with dementia or Alzheimer's. Those affected with memory issues often "light up" when listening to music, which directly affects emotions. Whether through grief, stress, or heartbreak, music therapy is restorative - and important. Put on a set of headphones, sing, or consider the purchase of an iPod for your loved one so that he/she can enjoy listening to old favorites on Apple Music, Spotify, or other services.

Touch is SO important. Everyone, even the elderly, crave the human touch and closeness with other people. Unfortunately, many seniors are somewhat isolated and don't see friends or loved ones on a regular basis. Be giving with your hugs, pats on the back, kisses on the cheek. Pets can also mean a lot to those who are elderly when it comes to touch, but always keep in mind that everyone, regardless of age, loves affection.

Smell, taste. Sometimes those who are aging can't cook the delicious meals they once did. Seniors need a balanced, healthy diet but cooking up one of your loved one's favorite dishes every now and then will be welcome, and a treat to his or her taste buds. Cook in your loved one's home, and he or she will be able to savor the delicious aromas that bring back good memories. Also, if your mom or dad wore a favorite "signature" perfume, cologne, or aftershave for years, bring him or her a bottle as a treat for the olfactory senses. Seniors love nostalgia, and nothing brings back pleasant memories more than familiar tastes and smells.

At Care Indeed, our mission is to provide Bay Area families with exceptional care for their aging loved ones. Whether for a few hours during the day to help with cooking, cleaning, hygiene, medications, and errands; overnight; or around the clock, we have home caregiving solutions to every need so you can enjoy peace of mind.