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Bay Area Seniors - 3 Slow Aging And Staying Young Secrets

by Amy, July 22, 2016

bay area seniors

It's natural to want to remain as young and vital as you can for as long as possible. While there's certainly nothing that stops aging, you can slow the process and stay younger in terms of your physical and mental health.

While it's critical to stay as physically and mentally active as you can, socialization is key in helping seniors stay healthier. Whether you live in your own home or an assisted living community, we've included 3 secrets to help slow aging and remain younger in spirit and mind.

Stay (or get) physical. You don't have to run marathons or lift weights to improve physical health, which helps keep your circulation flowing and combat arthritis, osteoporosis, and other conditions. Whether you do yoga, Tai Chi, water aerobics, walking, or physical therapy, the key is to stay moving! Many retirement communities offer programs which make it easy for seniors to participate in healthy, fun activities in a group setting. If you live alone, take a couple of friends along on a walk or find a center that caters to activities for seniors.

Social engagement and community interaction. Staying socially engaged is important for seniors, who often get depressed as they grow older. Loneliness can contribute to added depression, which makes seniors experience fatigue, memory loss, and more. Whether volunteering at the hospital, working with children or non-profit organizations, or attending social events with friends, staying active in the community is vital to feeling younger and staying healthier. Join a reading club, play bridge every week, go to those Tai Chi classes - just stay involved with others on a social level!

Be realistic when it comes to responsibilities and chores. Let's face it; even the most active senior can't always keep up with the laundry, dishes, house cleaning, cooking, and other tasks. You may feel obligated to continue the habits you've had for decades, but at some point it becomes impossible. Have a family member or friend help occasionally, or consider an in-home care service provider that can provide you with a qualified caregiver who can help with cleaning, cooking, running errands, etc. By having someone help you out with daily household chores, you'll have more time to spend socializing with family and friends.

As a senior, it's important to keep active - even when you don't especially feel like it. Keeping physically fit and engaging with others will give you a sense of purpose and well-being, and you'll enjoy your life much more! Isn't quality of life what it's all about?

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