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Bay Area Seniors Desire To Live At Home, But Is It Risky?

by Amy, December 02, 2016

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As home caregivers serving San Francisco and the Bay Area, we know that there are more people aged 65 or older among our population than ever before, and that many of these Bay Area seniors prefer to remain in their own homes as they age. The question is, could this be a potentially dangerous situation?

Of course it could, given that many seniors have issues with vision, hearing, or even walking. Some have cognitive disabilities such as dementia or Alzheimer’s, others have mobility issues. However, because an aging person has a disability doesn't mean it's time for the nursing home, which in some cases is a bad decision, depending on the facility and quality of care. What is the solution?

While there are various options and all families have the right to choose, there is no doubt the majority of the elderly population prefers to remain at home. As the adult child of an aging parent, you can assess the risk or even have an audit performed by a professional who will determine how risky the situation is. Some of the things you want to take a close look at include how clean your loved one's home is, whether it's cluttered (this can present a danger for tripping, falling), if the kitchen cupboards are well-stocked, and how the senior seems to be doing in terms of taking care of him- or herself, mood, happiness, etc.

In-home care providers may be the solution

Many seniors can live happy, fulfilled lives in their own homes with a little help. An in-home caregiver not only helps your aging loved one, but your family as well, giving you peace of mind and the time you need to care for yourself. Our Bay Area home care providers deliver a wide array of services depending on your unique needs including:

We know there are some circumstances that make it impossible for an aging loved one to remain at home. However, many seniors can live exactly where they want to live with a little help! To learn more, contact Care Indeed today.