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What Are The Benefits Of Aging In Place For Bay Area Seniors?

by Amy, March 08, 2018

aging in place

Not surprisingly, most seniors in Palo Alto, San Jose and other cities in the Bay Area prefer aging in place, which simply means they would rather age in their own homes than in a nursing home or assisted living facility. Who can blame them? We're all more comfortable and content in our own homes - and there are many benefits to seniors including those we're sharing in this article.

An improved quality of life. Many who enter nursing homes or assisted living facilities decline both physically and mentally at a faster rate than those who remain in their own homes. Seniors, like the rest of us, enjoy familiar, comfortable surroundings. An in-home care agency can help your aging loved one remain in his or her home and enjoy an enhanced quality of life.

It's a matter of independence and maintaining dignity. Older individuals don't like losing their independence or the feeling they can't remain in their own homes because of their age or limitations. Considering in-home care providers can help with daily tasks such as preparing meals, hygiene, household tasks, errands and other things, seniors can enjoy their independence longer.

Avoiding the stress of a change in environment and routine. People of all ages develop daily routines that are suited to their lifestyles, and seniors are no exception. Moving to an assisted living facility or nursing home is a dramatic change that can have an impact on both physical and mental health, not to mention how stressful it can be to find themselves in an unfamiliar environment where schedules and activities are not what they're happy or familiar with.

Companionship and interacting with loved ones. When a senior can remain at home or "age in place" he or she has the freedom to enjoy visits with family members or friends whenever it's convenient. Socialization is vitally important to the health and happiness of seniors, who simply can't enjoy visiting with others on his or her own terms when in a nursing home or assisted living facility.

When we haven't yet reached the point that where we live can be decided by others, it's hard to understand just how important it is to age in place. It's important to minimize stress and change as much as possible for our aging loved ones, which contributes to their happiness and quality of life. At Care Indeed our Bay Area in-home caregivers make it possible for your loved ones to remain in the environment they love most - one that contributes to independence and living the happiest life possible during later years. Contact us today to learn more about our wide array of services!