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Caregiver of the Month - June 30, 2017

by Amy, June 30, 2017

Alba Pimentel has been a caregiver for Care Indeed since September 2016. She knew she wanted to be a caregiver at a young age, since she lost her mother to cancer at the age of twelve. Not only is Alba passionate about caring for the elderly, she views her job as a rewarding experience where learning is involved every day. She states, “When I carefor the elderly, I think of my mother and it makes me feel like I am taking care of her. I feel good that I am making a positive difference in someone else’s life.” Her most rewarding experience is when she knows she has done a great job caring for her clients because she knows they are at the most vulnerable point in their lives. Through the client’s facial expressions and laugh, she knows that her clients appreciate her help. Alba describes herself as a patient person, but can also take the initiative when needed.

Alba describes that being a great caregiver means that the individual needs to have a natural urge to assist others and is not afraid to place others as a top priority. Oftentimes, caregivers just want to make the world a better place and they do it with one home care client at a time. When asked what sets her apart from other caregivers, Alba stated, “I don’t think I am different fromany other caregiver, I feel that we all give our 100% each shift we have.” However, she also stated that, in order to succeed with clients, caregivers need to have certain traits, such as patience, empathy and compassion. She strongly believes in making a trustworthy and reliable relationship with her clients because the relationship usually becomes family-oriented. She enjoys communicating with her client’s family and is able to give them detailed notes regarding their loved one’s care.

Alba’s future goal includes going back to school to pursue a career as a CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant). After receiving her certification, she eventually wants to manage her own business to help the elderly live a more comfortable life and promote quality care. However, to start off, she wants to open a pediatric day care because she feels that starting one can help build her experience despite the difference in age groups.

Care Indeed enjoys working with Alba because she is very humble and pays attention to small details. Our team commends her on her great personality and attitude during difficult situations as she handles them with great poise. She is very respectful, a go-getter and understands instructions for her clients right away.