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Caregiver of the Month - October 31, 2017

by Amy, October 31, 2017

Mayandy Bernal is a certified nursing assistant and caregiver with more than one year of hands-on experience. Although she is young, she has the knowledge and experience to care for the elderly population. At the age of 17, she started working as a caregiver for her grandparents. Although she felt heartbroken when her grandfather passed away, she knew she could make a difference by getting the proper education to care for others. In 2015, Mayandy obtained her CNA license. Her passion lies within working in the geriatric field and helping the elders maintain their quality of life. Although she did not mind working in a facility setting, she has enjoyed working with in-home clients more. She felt that having one-on-one time means more to the client because all the attention is focused on caring for them. Mayandy also enjoys the one-on-one time because she feels that she can give her clients the undivided attention they require, and attend to their specific needs. Her most rewarding experience is with one of her current clients. When she first started assisting this client, the client was very quiet and hesitant to speak. However, under Mayandy’s care, the client is able to smile and talk a little more and share part of her life with Mayandy. She believes that the way she cared for the client and the way she spent time with the client helped the client entrust her with many personal care responsibilities, as well as being the client’s companion. Mayandy expresses that she can tell through certain gestures when her clients appreciate her work. She feels humbled by the fact that she can make such a difference in someone’s life. Since she wants to continue working for the senior population, her goal is to go back to school to become an LVN.

Care Indeed would like to commend Mayandy Bernal for her dedication and commitment to this company. Her pleasant personality and authenticity with clients are truly remarkable and did not go unnoticed by Care Indeed’s staff. One of our care coordinators, Nathalie Gozon, stated, “I cannot say enough words to describe how passionate, caring and pleasant Mayandy is. I truly believe she is Caregiver of the Year material. I am in awe of the connection that Mayandy has with her current clients. She knows how to handle clients during difficult situations by reassuring the client that everything is okay, and that she will be there to assist them with any of their needs.” Regardless of her heavy schedule, Mayandy is always supportive of changes within the company and with her clients. We would like to thank Mayandy for going above and beyond with her clients and caring for them in a way where she becomes part of the family, not just a caregiver. Thank you for being part of the Care Indeed family, Mayandy!