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Caregivers - The Biggest Challenges Facing Our Aging Population

by Amy, May 03, 2018


As in-home care providers in the East Bay Area, we are well aware of the challenges facing the elderly and their families in today's world. The world as we know it today is far different from that of 20 years ago. Family caregivers face challenges in an effort to care for aging parents while those caregivers themselves are approaching their 50s and 60s. What are some of the other most prevalent challenges when it comes to an aging population in the U.S.?

Movement and mobility. Those who are aging have a dire need for homes, programs, products and services that can increase their ability to enjoy independence and living circumstances as they age. Most older homes are not designed for mobility-challenged seniors; being safe and able to move about their living environment while focusing on fitness, socializing and safety is key for seniors.

Who's going to provide care? Family caregivers have a tough time struggling with careers, their own families, chores and taking care of an aging loved one - it's difficult to find time to care for themselves, and given the aging population it's becoming even harder. Finding quality professional in-home caregivers today isn't easy either considering staff shortages.

Alzheimer's. Brain health is a huge concern considering Alzheimer's disease occurs in about a third of those over 85 - and in the U.S. it's the sixth leading cause of death.

Remaining social and having purpose. Many older citizens feel like they're no longer needed - they're often isolated with nothing to do. It's vital for seniors to stay engaged and socially connected not only for their own health, but for the health of the community.

Other concerns for an aging population are financial wellness in retirement as people live longer, the challenges of aging in place with more seniors making the decision to stay at home, and coordination of care.

There is no doubt as our population ages the challenges are becoming greater and more numerous. As in home caregivers providing all types of care for those in Menlo Park and throughout the East Bay Area, Care Indeed is dedicated to doing our part to help aging loved ones and their families.