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Caregivers of the Month - December 31, 2017

by Amy, December 31, 2017

Caregivers of the Month:
Rhea & Ash Bautista

     Twins to the rescue! Rhea and Ash are caregivers who give their all to Care Indeed. With their dedication and passion in helping others, they both believe that caregiving is the right profession for them.

     Before working at Care Indeed, Rhea was approached at her former job by a Care Indeed employee who asked her if she was interested in a career in healthcare. She immediately said yes without any question. At a young age, she developed a habit of taking on new opportunities as a way of growing. After applying for the position, Care Indeed gave her the knowledge and skills on how to take care of the elderly. With numerous hours of training, she has excelled to be one of Care Indeed’s best caregivers.

     Rhea also introduced caregiving to her twin sister, Ash. With the same mindset, Ash quickly developed a passion for caregiving as she felt it was a learning opportunity, stating, “The longer I provide assistance to my clients, the greater my passion grows for what I do.” Since she wants to become a nurse in the future, she wanted to gain direct patient care experience. When asked about what the qualities of a good caregiver are, Ash replied that caregiving is more than just an employment. She said, “It is giving genuine and quality care to our clients.” Her sister, Rhea adds, “We don’t see our clients as a case; we treat our clients like family because it is the exact same process when we care for our grandparents.” While working in the field, Rhea and Ash both found the enjoyment of being able to provide assistance to those in vulnerable states.

     Care Indeed would like to honor Rhea and Ash for their compassion and patience with Care Indeed’s staff and clients. Though taking the time to assist our clients, we often see their friendly faces in the office as well. Let’s congratulate Rhea and Ash for being our December Caregivers of the Month! We wish you the best of luck and successful new year.