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Caregiver(s) of the Month - April 28, 2017

by Amy, May 17, 2017

Employee of the Month


Bam Cuartero

With a hundred dollars in his pocket and a backpack, Bam trekked from Southern California to Northern California not knowing what kind of work he was about to endure working in an assisted living facility.

Being hesitant and indecisive about his choices, and avoiding the negative thoughts, he proceeded to just take a glimpse on what awaited him. His first response to this spontaneous move was nerve-wracking, considering he gave himself a week's stint prior to moving. Not only did he lack experience as a caregiver, he also lacked experience in the health care industry as well. However, that was the past. Now, ten years later, Bam could not be happier with his decision of moving. He expresses that working within this home health sector of the health care industry made him realize that he possesses key traits, such as compassion and patience, which are substantial in dealing with the elderly. At that given time, he was cognizant of these traits since he did not have them before.

Bam Cuartero has been a caregiver/companion with Care Indeed since September 2015. His most rewarding experience is dealing with the elderly on a day-to-day basis since he takes each day as a new learning experience. He loves listening to his clients' stories even if they have been told to him repeatedly. He quotes, "We can't buy the happiness the stories portray as they recall their past. It is their happy place." He feels that Care Indeed has given him the opportunity to make a positive difference in his client's life.