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Caring for the bay and Seattle: coping with parkinson's

by Dana, October 18, 2018


Parkinson’s disease currently affects one million people in the United States, and approximately 60,000 new cases are discovered each year. As a leading home care provider, Care Indeed can offer trained staff to help Bay Area and Seattle residents with this life-changing diagnosis. Parkinson’s disease is typically seen in people over the age of 60, so the following recommended lifestyle changes are meant to facilitate the well-being of a newly diagnosed senior.

Parkinson’s disease is a motor disease, primarily affecting movement. Tremors, rigidity, and difficulty with walking are common. However, Parkinson’s disease can also affect thought, mood, and behavior, and dementia often occurs in its final stages. Other symptoms include sleep disorders, depression, and anxiety. While effective management comes with medication and surgery, patients and families can make changes in their daily routines that will go a long way toward preserving quality of life.

Proper exercise and nutrition are crucial for any senior. For those diagnosed with Parkinson’s, these elements can help curb the symptoms of the disease. A doctor should recommend a high-fiber diet with plenty of water to aid digestion, and regular exercise to help maintain mobility and strength. Bay Area and Seattle residents are able to benefit from an abundance of healthy eating and recreational options in their respective cities. Care Indeed encourages all seniors to pursue a well-balanced diet and regular physical activity in accordance with the advice of their doctor.  

Steps can also be taken within the home to provide ease and comfort for seniors with Parkinson’s. If needed, think about furniture or medical equipment that needs to be rearranged or installed to facilitate smooth trips to places like the kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom. Family members should help keep track of medical appointments and medications, in light of the sedative effect the disease can have on the brain. Importantly, family members and friends should try to show as much patience and empathy toward the affected senior as possible. Seniors should also realize they don’t have to go through the trials of Parkinson’s alone.  

As one of the top care providers in the Bay Area and Seattle, Care Indeed has the resources and manpower necessary to help individuals and families suffering from Parkinson’s. Senior dignity is highly valued, and services are delivered with the goal of helping seniors preserve their health and well-being, without sacrificing their personal independence. Care Indeed’s thoroughly trained caregivers can offer mobility assistance, emotional support, nutritional guidance, and recreational companionship to help seniors and their families combat symptoms of the disease. Although independence is important, Care Indeed recognizes the toll Parkinson’s can take on a person’s health, wealth, and way of life. Caregiving support mitigates this hefty cost -- reach out today for more information.