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Common Home Care Myths Dispelled

by Amy, November 28, 2014

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What is home care and what isn't it? At Care Indeed, our Menlo Park in home care services understand that for many families, the phrase "home care" can be intimidating and misunderstood. There are many myths about home care, and what it actually encompasses. In truth, home care is many things - and there are many things it is not. Most people think of these services as those designed for the elderly, however this is only part of the services we provide.

Below is a bit of information that will help enlighten you about in home care, and whether it is for you.

Hospital or nursing home care may be avoided with in home care. Yes...and no. The type of care offered by companies such as ours are often complementary to hospital or nursing home care. Essentially, when an aging or disabled loved one comes home from the hospital or nursing home, our services help ensure patients get good care. In home care is all about meeting an individual's needs outside of other care services, so that they have a more fulfilled life in which their wants and needs are met.

Home care is designed for "old" people. Absolutely not! Those with Alzheimer's or dementia, with physical disabilities, handicaps, or even who have a temporary illness are candidates for home care in the San Francisco and Menlo Park areas. You may be a new mother with an infant who needs a little help. While home care is targeted toward caring for the elderly and disabled, it is certainly not a service provided to "old" people.

Only wealthy families can afford home care. This is another myth that often prevents families from seeking out the care their loved ones need and deserve. Quality home care can often be funded through Medicaid or other state/local programs, long-term care insurance, reverse mortgages, and VA benefits. It is important to do some research to see what is available before you determine in home care is beyond your own or your loved one's budget.

Compared to caregivers in institutions, in home caregivers are inferior. This is a common myth, and in fact many in home caregivers receive clinical training that is superior to those who work in nursing homes and other facilities designed for the elderly and disabled.

At Care Indeed, we provide a wide range of services for those who are aging, disabled, or who need temporary help until they can regain the ability to care for themselves. If you live in the Menlo Park or in the areas of San Jose, Lamorinda, Palo Alto, or in the East Bay, trust our professionals for live-in care, hourly care, hospital sitting, home care services, medical companion services, and more.