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The Costs Of In-Home Care For Seniors - How To Pay For It

by Amy, June 23, 2017

in-home care for seniors

If you're an adult child of an aging parent who prefers to stay at home and not go to an assisted living or nursing home facility, you may worry about how to pay for the costs of in-home care for seniors. As a Bay Area home care agency serving San Francisco and surrounding areas, we know the stress of how to pay for care can keep you up at night. Here are a few tips to help ease your mind and give your aging senior the care he or she needs.

First, realize the costs vary depending on whether you need a home health aide or homemaker aide and the number of days you need care. Some only need a caregiver a day or two a week to help with errands or tasks around the house, while others require full-time care.

Now, how can you pay for care?

Veterans benefits if your loved one was a veteran who was honorably discharged. Find out if your loved one may be eligible for the Veterans Pension, or aid and attendance disability payments.

A reverse mortgage. While this type of mortgage often gets bad press, it was actually designed by the government to help seniors remain in their own homes. There are strict rules governing reverse mortgages; for instance, your loved one must own the home or owe very little on the loan, be at least 62, and more. Learn all you can before you choose to go this route, which may be your last resort.

Social Security divorced spouse benefit. Was your senior parent married for a minimum of 10 years before divorcing? Couples who are married for 10 years or longer are entitled to a portion of their ex's social security benefit, whether the ex-spouse is still living or has passed. The benefit will be equal to one-half of the ex-spouse's benefit or based on your aging loved one's own work history, depending on which is greater.

Life insurance policies that are no longer needed, long-term care insurance, annuities, Medicare or Medicaid, food stamps - there are many options that may help you pay for in-home care; however, a little digging and investigation on your part may be required to learn which options your aging parent may be eligible for.

In most cases, adult children don't have to shell out the money themselves to pay for in-home care. For seniors, staying in comfortable, familiar surroundings for as long as possible is important to their happiness and emotional well-being. Check out some of the suggestions above, and enjoy peace of mind knowing more than likely there is a way to pay for quality home care.

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