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by Amy, December 31, 2017

Caregivers - Mental Health Resolution for 2018

While our focus is providing in-home care services to seniors in the Bay Area, we know that everyone ages – and as we do, we may not be as mentally sharp as we once were. It’s important to think about your mental health, whether you’re 50, 60, or even 70. Taking care of your mind and brain can go a long way toward avoiding or slowing the progression of dementia or other issues. We encourage you to make ‘better mental health’ your resolution for the new year!


Making Seniors Feel Happy & Loved During the Holidays

As Bay Area caregivers, we know that many seniors are lonely and isolated a great deal of the time – but the holidays can be especially lonely for those who’ve lost their partners, live alone, or who have family that lives hundreds of miles away. Statistics reveal that more than 12 million seniors live alone, and that about a fifth of those older than 65 don’t drive. Whether you’re a friend or neighbor, family member or even a professional caregiver, how can you help seniors have a happier, more memorable Christmas and New Year’s holiday? We have a few suggestions.

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