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Dementia Caregivers - A Memory Box Offers Comfort

by Amy, May 26, 2015

dementia caregivers

As trusted Menlo Park dementia caregivers, we see all too often those with dementia or Alzheimer's being medicated so that they won't 'act out' or being given medications to make them relax and sleep. Dealing with memory loss is difficult for family members, or anyone who cares for an aging loved one with a memory problem. One moment they may know you, the next minute, maybe not. It's extremely sad, however it's often the familiar that helps calm and comfort those with dementia and similar issues.

When someone with dementia lives in a nursing home, the symptoms can worsen dramatically. Why is this? Much of the cause of dementia, moving into advanced stages, is unfamiliar surroundings. In a nursing home environment, those who are elderly are often frightened and disoriented. They have nothing to connect to their family, their past - their lives. Of course, the best solution is for those with dementia to remain in their own homes when possible, with help from family members and compassionate caregivers. However, when this isn't possible, create a 'memory box' containing items that can help comfort, and reduce anxiety or sadness. Some of these items may include:

  • Family photos
  • Favorite books
  • Baby shoes
  • Any sentimental reminders of their past

At Care Indeed, we realize there are situations in which it is simply no longer possible for a loved one suffering from memory loss issues to live at home. However, when it is possible, living in familiar, comforting surroundings is absolutely the best way to help loved ones feel calmed and even happier, as their homes are literally filled with triggers that can spark conversation and bring back comforting memories, even if just for a moment. Loved ones are less disoriented, and often able to recognize items such as clothes, shoes, favorite books, even old relics from long ago.

If your loved one lives in a nursing home, try putting together a memory box and sitting quietly by as he/she discovers what you have put together. You may be amazed at the calming and comforting power of a few mementos from your loved one's past!

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