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East Bay Hospital to Home Recovery Care

by Amy, October 01, 2015

east bay hospital to home recovery

We all know that today, patients are discharged from the hospital much sooner than they were 20 years ago, even after many major surgeries. How do seniors handle the transition from hospital to home? Depending on age, physical/mental health, and other factors it may be difficult on their own. Many who are elderly simply are not prepared for the process of recovering at home. This can result in the patient having to return to the hospital. By choosing professional home caregivers, the hospital to home transition can be much easier.

Did you know that every year there are more than 2 1/2 million seniors on Medicaid who must be readmitted to the hospital within one month of being discharged? This is a startling figure, but true. Returning home can be stressful on seniors; they may not fully understand the process involved in recovering, the directions given to them upon discharge, or bills may be stacking up/utilities discontinued due to non-payment while the individual was in the hospital.

Highly trained in-home caregivers help ease the transition

Family members (a spouse, adult children, etc.) should help prepare an aging loved one for the transition from hospital to home. This can be accomplished by making sure bills are paid, the house cleaned and prepared, arrangements made to care for your loved one, preparation of meals, care of hygiene, schedule of medications or exercise advised by the doctor, etc. Family members can do much to make the transition easier for the patient, which will reduce the likelihood a senior will end up back in the hospital.

At Care Indeed, our East Bay home caregivers understand that families can only do so much, given their own families, careers, and other responsibilities. Whether you need care for an aging family member during the daytime, at night, or just as a fill in for those times you can't be there, we offer flexible services by compassionate caregivers who put your loved one's needs first and foremost. Call us today to learn more about our East Bay hospital to home recovery care, and put your mind at ease.