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Editor's Notes - March 29, 2017

by Amy, April 23, 2017

vanessa valerio

Yin-Yang literally means shadow and light. This Chinese philosophical concept is how colleagues describe me and Dee. To a large extent, I agree. Dee and I are so different, but as business partners, we cannot exist without each other. We've always known that it is impossible to be perfect in every aspect of business; one is smarter than the other in many areas.

Dee is the "brain" and I am the "heart" of Care Indeed. Dee is the visionary; she clearly sees where Care Indeed will be and knows how to get our organization there. She inspires everyone with her passion, focus, discipline, and strength of will.

My role has been to promote a culture that keeps everyone valued and respected. Everyone is treated equally and given a fair chance to excel. I try to understand what my team needs and what motivates them because I believe in investing in people and nurturing relationships. I help turn Dee's vision into reality.

Dee and I have found a way for our unique strengths to work for each other, not against each other. We utilize our "yin and yang" for the greatest harmony. We are not yet where we'd like to be, and our commitment to be the best home care agency remains as strong as ever. We continue to challenge each other to work harder. Every single day.