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Editor's Notes - October 31, 2017

by Amy, October 31, 2017

When bad things happen, it does not mean that our life must stop. We have the ability to make choices regardless of what predicament we find ourselves in.

A recent phone call I had is one that I will never forget. An immediate family member told me that she was diagnosed with a serious illness. My seemingly perfect world crumbled in an instant. I was speechless, and for a few seconds, fear paralyzed me. I had to hang up the phone to compose myself. I knew that I had to be strong on the outside even though I was crying inside. I called my loved one back to reassure her that I will be with her on this journey--our journey. There was silence, and without saying a word, we felt the love we've always had for each other.

What I am going through right now is perhaps very similar to what most of our clients face. This is why they come to us. Now more than ever, I feel encouraged to be an even more compassionate home care provider and individual. My loved one's illness has given me a deeper understanding of why we are here. We are here not only to provide care; we can be a source of strength for others as well.

Life is full of surprises. Things that are beyond our control happen, usually when we least expect them. I choose not to worry about the future too much. I am here to celebrate the present with people I care about. Having a sense of gratitude allows me to see things in a lighter perspective. I still believe that despite this unfortunate event, I have been so blessed; I see it as a season that will pass. Life can be fleeting, so I make each day count by being the best version of myself, and that is by being there for others.

I have been very open with sharing my experiences because they have changed me and how I view life. I hope to utilize what I've learned in life to humanize the home care industry. My dream is to change home care through kindness. At Care Indeed, we are achieving this...one client at a time.