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Elder Care - How Seniors Can Make New Friends After Retiring

by Amy, September 29, 2016

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When we reach age 65, 70, or even older it seems it becomes harder to maintain old friendships - we don't work, and don't see those we used to see on a daily basis as often. As Bay Area elder care experts working with seniors throughout San Francisco, Palo Alto, and surrounding areas, we have a few suggestions on how you can make new friends in your golden years.

Volunteer at a local hospital, animal shelter, museum, or other facility. Many organizations appreciate volunteers, and you get to stay busy while meeting new friends. It always makes you feel good to give of your time and energy to those in need.

Love to read, garden, scrapbook, or even play bridge? Join a club, and it benefits you in two ways - you get to enjoy your passion, and meet others with the same hobbies and interests!

Go back to college. What? That's right - lots of aging folks go back to school to learn about various subjects including computers, technology, or even horticulture. Learning keeps your mind engaged, another benefit of going back to school in addition to making new friends. Lots of universities have special programs geared toward seniors, so check out the colleges nearby and learn what's available.

Become internet-savvy. It's easy to interact with others and make new friends when you browse Facebook, Pinterest, or even chat rooms or message boards related to various subjects or hobbies such as tennis, golf, gardening, cooking - nearly anything you could think of. While you don't actually visit people in person, the web is a great place for social interaction.

Have a dog? Go for a daily walk through your neighborhood, or even to a nearby park. Being outdoors (and having a cute little pooch with you) is a great way to start a conversation, which often leads to friendship.

Making new friends and staying active is important to good mental health and being happy and fulfilled as we age. At Care Indeed, our Bay Area home caregivers are committed to helping seniors enjoy life. Whatever your needs, we're here to help!