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Elder Care - How Elderly Benefit by Being Socially Active

by Amy, June 25, 2015

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At Care Indeed, we provide in-home elder care for families in the San Francisco and surrounding areas of San Jose, Walnut Creek, Palo Alto, and other nearby cities. Because of our focus on caring for aging seniors, we realize the importance of remaining socially active for as long as possible for those who are aging. Seniors need to remain active in many ways, including physically, mentally, and socially in order to enjoy an enhanced quality of life.

During the golden years, seniors undergo many changes; companionship is vital to their well-being. How does staying active socially affect those who are aging?

Social tools improve well-being

Today, social networking platforms make it possible for those who are aging to stay in touch with friends and family regardless of their physical limitations. Studies have indicated that many of the benefits of staying socially active, even online, include contentment, happiness, and a sense of belonging. Interacting with others is important; those who engage in socializing, even online, are more likely to continue their efforts to stay healthier.

Improved nutrition

Being around family and friends in a social setting tends to make all of us eat more than we would if we were alone; the same is true of seniors, who are not as likely to skip meals when loved ones or friends are around. Whether your aging parent does something as simple as meeting a friend for coffee or engages in local functions and activities designed to keep seniors socially active, it often results in better nutrition.

Better functioning of the immune system

Stress can have a destructive impact on the immune system for anyone, regardless of age. The elderly experience stress on a daily basis, especially those who are isolated much of the time. Seniors worry about financial/health issues, living by themselves, or even being forgotten by family and friends. As with anyone of any age, interacting socially provides seniors with the opportunity to talk about their fears or concerns, and work through those issues that can cause stress. Illnesses that are typically related to aging such as depression or anxiety can be kept at bay by engaging with others on a social level.

Sometimes it's difficult for those who are aging to remain socially active. If you are worried that your aging parent doesn't "connect" enough socially, whether via social platforms online or actual interaction with family and friends, a trusted home caregiver can help by providing transportation, companionship, mobility support, and more. Contact Care Indeed today to learn more about all of the services we provide for seniors in San Francisco and surrounding areas.