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Elder Care - New Year's Resolutions For Seniors In 2018

by Amy, December 28, 2017

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As a trusted Bay Area elder care agency, we know that it's common for people to make a resolution for the new year, however, many are hard to keep! Some of the most common include losing weight, stopping smoking, or committing to a healthier lifestyle. It's important for seniors to improve their lives in some way as well, however, resolutions should be realistic. What are some New Year's resolutions that require only a small effort for seniors? We have a few suggestions below...

See your doctor for a check-up. It's easy for people of all ages to "skip" their annual check-up, however, this is even more important for seniors. By seeing your physician, many minor health issues can be addressed before they become serious or potentially deadly. Make an appointment - and keep it.

Make exercise a priority. You don't have to do jumping jacks or run for two miles to enjoy the benefits of exercise. Join a Tai-Chi class, take the stairs instead of the elevator if you can, do some simple squats while grasping the back of a chair, lift your arms to shoulder level a few times, or lift "weights" using vegetable or soup cans. Moving, no matter what you're doing, provides health benefits, even if it's only for five or 10 minutes a day.

Learn (finally) how to stay connected to family using technology. Whether with a smartphone or computer, many seniors are hesitant to learn anything about technology - you may think it's too hard. Don't be afraid to ask a teenage or twenty-something grandchild to help you learn the ropes, or even a friend who uses technology. It isn't that difficult, and you'll thoroughly enjoy staying connected using Facebook, Skype or other platforms.

Volunteer. Whether at a local hospital, children's organization, or even helping other seniors, there are many ways to volunteer your time - and you'll feel not only like you've accomplished something, but helped others as well. Volunteering also helps in terms of socializing and making new friends, and you'll benefit both mentally and physically. Being busy, especially in a way that contributes to the community, is beneficial in many ways.

From taking up a once-favorite hobby again to reconnecting with old friends or spending more time with the grandkids, there are countless resolutions seniors can make that can be easily kept.

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