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Elder Care Tips - Keeping In Touch With Elderly Loved Ones

by Amy, April 30, 2016

elder care tips

As dedicated Palo Alto home caregivers, we know that many seniors are lonely and we've got an abundance of elder care tips to help you combat that loneliness. While it's a fact that most of us lead very busy lives today, it's also a fact that we often have little time to connect with aging family members - which is sad. Seniors often feel lonely, depressed, sad, isolated, somewhat "left behind" or out of the loop when it comes to what's going on in their families' lives. How can you keep in touch, and bring joy to an aging loved one? We have a few tips.

When you have even a minute or two, sharing family photos is easy using email or even Facebook, depending on how tech-savvy your aging loved one is. Take just a moment to share photos of family or school events with grandma or Aunt Kate - it will make them feel so special!

Why not give your loved one a short call from your cell phone when riding the subway or taking a commuter train/taxi to work? Be creative when it comes to your downtime. There are usually plenty of opportunities during the day when we have five minutes to spare, even during lunch hour. Make good use of it, and your loved one will know you care.

Have a grandparent who is long-distance from the rest of the family? An online family planner subscription such as Cozi.com makes it easy for everyone in the family to know what's going on in everyone's lives, as this application can display social engagements, appointments, school and sports calendars, and more. This is a "window" into family members' lives that often results in an even greater connection between generations, such as teens and their grandparents or even great-grandparents.

Keep in mind that not all seniors are comfortable with technology. Many aging seniors don't have tablets, laptops, or even smartphones. Depending on how your loved one has progressed in the digital age, consider a text, video chat, or even better, a good old-fashioned handwritten letter or telephone call.

Staying in touch with aging loves ones isn't so difficult, and it makes a world of difference in their lives! Feeling loved and knowing family members do care and think about a senior makes him/her feel happy and reduces depression - important for good mental health.

Need help caring for an aging loved one in Palo Alto or anywhere in the Bay Area? At Care Indeed, our home caregivers are highly trained, compassionate, and most of all dedicated to helping your loved one enjoy a happier, more fulfilled life.