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Employee of the Month - August 31, 2017

by Amy, August 31, 2017

Lute Maufualu

Lute Maufualu has been a Care Indeed employee since February 2013. As a young girl, Lute had always dreamed to become a nurse. Therefore, it didn’t come as a surprise that caring for others was what she was good at. She originated from Tonga, then moved to Auckland, New Zealand in 1986. Then she moved to Sydney, Australia in 1993, and to Melbourne in 1999. Although she has moved from country to country and city to city, what she did for a living — caregiving, has remained the same. Furthermore, even when she moved to the United States in August 2012, she immediately got hired to care for an elderly lady with a hip fracture.

Lute is an excellent caregiver because she truly enjoys what she does. When asked what her most rewarding experience was, she expresses that getting to know her clients on a personal level helps her build a more trusting relationship with them. She particularly enjoys when clients commend her on her patience, kindness, and her willingness to do whatever is asked of her. Lute describes herself as someone who is attentive and knows how to adjust to her clients’ needs. She always asks herself, “What can I do to make tasks easier or better for my clients?” She believes that being a great caregiver not only requires great personality and willingness to care, but also the knowledge on how to provide care. She believes that knowledge and training are important because being a caregiver requires one to make decisions based on common sense. She firmly believes in treating someone well as it will be repaid when she becomes old.

Care Indeed would like to honor Lute for her hard work and dedication. We appreciate how well she works with our clients and with our staff at the offices. She always uses her common sense to diffuse difficult situations and has a solution before asking for assistance. She takes the initiative to be proactive in providing the best care possible for our clients. She views caregiving as a humble experience rather than just a job. Not only is she gaining new experiences every day, she feels that the most important part of her job is making a positive difference in her clients’ lives.