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Employee of the Month - September 30, 2017

by Amy, September 30, 2017

Ernie Calla

Ernie immigrated to the U.S. in 2009; he and his family were petitioned by his sister. Ernie said, “I know that many immigrants have done caregiving because availability in this field is not that hard. However, if you do not work hard, and you do not have the heart for it, it’s not for you. I’ve been very fortunate to be caring for a client for a long time. His family appreciates the dedication and compassion that I offer.”

Before providing in-home care, Ernie had worked in care homes for individuals with developmental disabilities. Ernie added, "As a caregiver, my goal is to help and serve my client as best as I can. I am able to overcome the challenges that come my way because I have a heart for service. My client of more than 4 years needs assistance, and his level of needs has changed. I get fulfillment from knowing that I am able to offer 100% support to someone who is not related to me, and yet he's someone that I consider and treat as family. I am happy that my client's needs are met because I am there for him." Ernie's wife is also a caregiver. Their 3 children are all nurses.