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Great Father's Day Gift Ideas For Aging Dads

by Amy, June 10, 2017

aging dads

Depending on whether your dad is a senior living at home or in an assisted living facility/nursing home, there are some great gifts he'll appreciate on Father's Day. If your father lives in a long-term care facility you probably want to avoid expensive gifts that may get stolen or go missing in some other way. As an in-home caregiving agency catering to seniors in the San Francisco Bay Area, we have a few ideas we think aging dads will appreciate!

Common-sense gifts are great for those living in an assisted living or long-term care facility, and dad will appreciate your thoughtfulness. Some of these types of gifts may include:

  • Greeting cards or stationery complete with stamps and address stickers for closest friends/family members
  • A personalized wall calendar using photos of grandchildren, pets, or family members for each month
  • Shaving cream, a new toothbrush, comb, mirror, or other toiletries
  • A telephone or universal TV remote with big buttons for easier use
  • Suspenders or cord/chain for eyeglasses
  • Word search or puzzle books, deck of cards, or other simple entertainment items
  • Photo album filled with pictures of family members, friends, good memories
  • Walking cane or walker

Whether your dad still lives at home or in a care facility, there are lots of gifts he'll appreciate doing with you - after all, it's often the gift of time shared with loved ones that's most important. This could include:

  • Playing cards or a board game with the family
  • Watching a favorite old movie or sports on television together - be sure to include some munchies
  • Cooking his favorite meal or ordering from a restaurant he loves, and enjoying some food together
  • Going for a stroll through the park, or hiking the trails depending on dad's health and physical ability
  • How about a car show if your father is a classic car enthusiast?

If your dad is an avid reader, you may want to consider two or three books by his favorite author. Many older men love all things history, so consider movies, books, or documentaries if your dad is a history buff - or even going to a museum or history-themed event.

Above all else, fathers enjoy spending quality time with family, regardless of where they live. Make it relaxing and fun, and dad will have a wonderful Father's Day.

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