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Helping Seniors in Menlo Park with Fall Cleaning

by Amy, October 23, 2015

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Although most of us think of spring cleaning, it's important to do a deep cleaning in fall as well. Homes get dusty and dirty, especially the homes of elderly loved ones and seniors who can't dust, mop, vacuum, and perform other tasks on a frequent basis. As trusted Menlo Park in home caregivers, we have a few tips to help your loved one accomplish those fall cleaning chores safely.

First of all, make a checklist. You'll likely be helping a senior with fall cleaning, so make a list of everything that needs to be done from removing clutter and replacing light bulbs to eliminating tripping hazards such as rugs and torn carpeting. Make a point to throw away old food in the refrigerator that has expired, along with medications that have either reached their expiration date or that your loved one no longer takes. With heating season coming up, it's also important to replace batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Be sure to include your elderly loved one. When it's your loved one's home, he/she wants to be involved as much as possible. Like the rest of us, seniors want to feel useful and needed, even when they have limitations. Let mom or dad do easy tasks that are relatively safe, such as polishing silverware or going through old documents/paperwork that may need to be discarded.

Create a schedule. Depending on how much deep cleaning you need to do, it may be better to stretch out the cleaning tasks over several weeks, or accomplish it all in a weekend. Schedule time for shampooing the carpets, dusting window blinds, cleaning out closets, dusting ceiling fans, and other chores that aren't done on a regular basis. When you help out an aging parent with cleaning tasks, you also get to spend time with him or her - which you can rest assured your loved one enjoys immensely!

Pay particular attention to the bathroom. Bathrooms are where many slip and fall accidents occur, so make sure surfaces are free from cleaners which can be slippery. Mold is another issue in many bathrooms, so clean it away and use disinfecting spray/cleaners to rid the bathroom of germs and bacteria. Be sure the tub/shower has a grasp bar installed, and a rubber mat that guards against slipping.

Dust wood floors, furniture, appliances, and other surfaces that collect dust. Dust can be especially tough for seniors who often suffer from COPD, asthma, allergies, or other respiratory conditions. Be sure to vacuum thoroughly, and dust all surfaces that typically collect dust, pollen, dirt, etc.

Removing the dust and clutter is important for keeping seniors safe from respiratory issues and trip/slip/fall accidents. A clean, uncluttered home is a comfortable, healthier home. At Care Indeed, our home caregivers provide seniors in Menlo Park with services customized to your aging loved one's needs, whether for hourly or overnight care, respite care, transition from hospital to home, or care for seniors suffering from dementia or other issues.