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Hiring San Jose in Home Care - Background Checks

by Amy, July 16, 2015

san jose in home care

You wouldn't hire just anyone to care for your children, especially in today's times when child predators are so prevalent and crime is everywhere. Why would you hire an in home caregiver for an aging loved one without knowing something about the person's background or getting references?

At Care Indeed, we perform criminal background checks on the individuals we hire to care for those who are elderly, disabled, who have dementia or other conditions, or who simply need a little help every now and then. Some believe background checks are an invasion of privacy but the fact is, why would anyone worry about it if there is nothing in their background to hide? By performing a background check, we can rest assured our care providers have no criminal record, a good employment history, and are the capable, caring type of people we want taking care of your family member.

Many times, seniors who have caregivers come into their homes are literally putting their lives into the hands of those caregivers. Caregivers not only help with preparation of meals, personal hygiene, light housekeeping, dressing, and companionships, they also frequently make sure those in their care take their medication as prescribed. Essentially, when you have someone taking care of an aging parent or other elderly loved one, that person is in a position that requires security and trust.

Background checks give you peace of mind knowing that the person taking care of your loved one can be trusted, and is not a criminal with a prior conviction for drug possession or any other serious crime. Identity theft is another crime that has become more common today, given the ever-increasing technological advances in our world. The last thing you want is for your aging loved one to become the victim of identity theft!

At Care Indeed, we know you want your elderly loved one to be in caring, capable hands. Background checks are one way we ensure this; we also carefully screen applicants for valid tax IDs and skills/competency, perform random drug testing, and more. Contact our San Jose in home care office today to learn what makes us different from the rest.