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Home Care Givers - A Healthy New Year for the Elderly

by Amy, January 09, 2015

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At Care Indeed, our dedicated staff of home care givers understand that there are certain things we can do to help those who are aging enjoy a healthier, more vital new year! Since it's now 2015, we thought we would offer a few ideas and tips about how in-home care can support the health of your elderly loved one. Certainly having someone to help with cooking, cleaning, or simply for companionship is important, but having a professional in home caregiver can help prevent falls, injuries, and help an aging person stay more active.

Here are a few of our thoughts on a healthier 2015 for those in their 'golden years'

Caregivers are available at key times. Getting out of bed in the morning or even taking a shower can be dangerous for some elderly individuals. With in-home caregivers to be there during these times, injuries can be prevented. Even cleaning or attempting to dust high places can present risks to those who are aging. An in-home caregiver can also work with your aging parent to perform simple exercises that help improve strength and balance.

Assess how risky your home is. Many of the elderly have homes that are cluttered, which presents risks. Decluttering is important, as is organizing in a way that the homeowner can easily reach those things that are most important. Caregivers can help clear the clutter, and reorganize for easier, safer access.

Medication management. It's easy as we age to forget to take medication, or even remember if we actually did take it. An in home care provider can help by providing reminders and helping manage medication, even having the pharmacist review the medications/dosage to ensure there is no problem with possible medication interactions.

Help you make (and keep) small goals. Taking a short walk, getting outdoors for a few minutes each day, even developing a yoga or stretching routine. It's a good idea to set small goals, and to have someone who can help you keep them and stay motivated.

As you can see, home care is about much more than helping with bathing or cooking a meal! Home caregivers can help your loved one maintain a schedule, get healthier, enjoy companionship or even transportation to and from important appointments, errands, etc. If your aging loved one deserves superior care and friendly caregivers that are dedicated to making lives' better, contact Care Indeed, leading Palo Alto caregivers, today.