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Home Care Most Affordable Option for Seniors

by Amy, September 04, 2015

home care

If you are an aging senior or the adult child of an elderly parent in the San Francisco area, you may be interested in knowing that a recent AARP study found that home care is the most affordable option when it comes to quality care for the elderly.

The fact is, medical facilities such as nursing homes and senior living centers are becoming more and more incapable of handling the growing population of those 80 years and older. In conducting the 2014 study, the American Association for Retired Persons made several compelling discoveries that could potentially alter the standard of care for loved ones who are growing older.

Perhaps the most important finding was that in the future, elderly care will likely shift toward in-home options, mostly due to the fact that families can stretch their budgets further because of the high costs of nursing home care.

Not only is in-home care more affordable, the study found that seniors who are able to remain at home and enjoy their independence while having caregivers help them maintain health are generally healthier and happier than seniors who are placed in nursing home facilities or require frequent visits to the hospital.

Nursing homes today are understaffed and overcrowded; most have long waiting lists for potential patients. By choosing to remain at home for as long as possible, the elderly enjoy an improved quality of life, with professional caregiver agencies available who can provide individuals to clean, cook, help with medication and hygiene needs, run errands, provide companionship and transportation, and more. This helps relieve much of the burden and stress often placed on family and friends, while giving seniors the quality care necessary to enjoy a healthy, independent life.

At Care Indeed, our San Francisco area home caregivers specialize in handling the needs of and providing assistance for aging seniors who need a little help, but are healthy enough to remain in their homes. We invite you to contact us today to learn more about the many services we provide for seniors.