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Home Health Care - What Do Seniors Need For A Happier Life?

by Amy, October 13, 2017

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Unfortunately, many Bay Area seniors are lonely, depressed, and naturally unhappy, considering their lives have changed so much from their younger years when they worked, socialized, and had so much to keep them busy. It's a part of life for those who are aging; sometimes those "golden" retirement years simply aren't so golden. While Americans are free to pursue happiness, it isn't a guarantee that life won't be filled with boredom, sadness, or a sense of loss as we grow older. What are some of the simplest things that can result in a happier life? Our Menlo Park in-home caregiving agency has a few suggestions.

What do we all need in life when it comes right down to it? Something we enjoy to occupy our time and keep us busy, people to love, and something to look forward to. It's easy to find yourself in a rut as you age, nothing to look forward to but the same old routine day after day.

Having someone to love is vital to health and happiness, whether it's a spouse, child, grandchild, or even a special friend. Those who we love, and who love us in return, spend time with us, whether just enjoying memories or going out to dinner or a movie. Anything you do with someone you love is meaningful and brings joy to your life.

Having something to do is important, even if it isn't particularly something you like or enjoy. Having a purpose gives you incentive to get up in the morning, but having something you're truly passionate about such as gardening, fishing, or even working a crossword puzzle, is even better. If you enjoy reading, crocheting, cooking, or just getting outdoors for a while with your pet, you have a purpose each day.

Having something to look forward to means an occasion or event that isn't necessarily part of your everyday life. Perhaps you attend a book club each month, go to a tai chi class once or twice a week, or play bridge with a group of friends every now and then. The holidays, a grandchild's birthday party, even going out to lunch or dinner with your family occasionally. We all need something to look forward to that's one of those things you get to do, not a task you dread and have to do.

Whether you're a senior in the Bay Area or an adult child who cares for your aging loved one, keep these simple things in mind. It can make the difference between a lonely life and one that's filled with good days and happiness!

At Care Indeed, our Menlo Park home health care experts understand the challenges seniors face, not only physically but mentally. It's vital to enjoy life to the fullest, regardless of age! For help from caregivers who are compassionate and want to help make a senior's life easier, happier, and more fulfilling, give us a call today.