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Home Health Care - Yoga Is More Than Exercise For Seniors!

by Amy, January 11, 2018

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For many people, the word "yoga" brings to mind downward dogs and twisted positions. If you're not familiar with the benefits of yoga, and you're a senior in Menlo Park or San Jose or the adult child of a senior, you may want to pay attention. Yoga offers an array of benefits for the body, mind and spirit - it's a pathway to healthier aging!

Here are some of the benefits seniors enjoy by practicing yoga:

Stress relief. Stress can result in insomnia, headaches and even back/neck pain. Yoga helps maintain a calmer state of mind, which helps with relaxation, concentration, and reducing stress and anxiety.

Improved bone health, muscle strength and flexibility. As we age, it's common to experience bone loss, stiffness, painful joints, and other ailments. Yoga can help slow or prevent bone loss, and because it involves gentle stretching, is effective for improved muscle strength and flexibility. It also works to increase range of motion, a problem for many as we age. For seniors, all of this means moving about easier and with less pain, and reducing the risk of falls.

Reduction in tremors and rigidity in those with Parkinson's disease. Because one component of yoga is deep and controlled breathing, studies have found this practice can have a substantial positive impact on those who suffer from Parkinson's disease. Panic and anxiety are common among patients with the disease, however pranayama (controlling breaths) combined with yoga poses help relax muscles and decrease rigidity. Yoga has been cited by the National Institutes of Health as a leading alternative therapy - and it also helps improve gait, in addition to reducing tremors.

Yoga is an exercise anyone can practice, regardless of age. There is no equipment needed, and with the gentle stretching and slow movements involved, it's safe on the joints and low-impact. Practice yoga in the privacy of your home and enjoy improved strength and agility, along with other benefits important to healthy aging.

At Care Indeed, our objective is to help seniors live healthier, happier, more fulfilled lives. As a home health care agency serving Menlo Park, Palo Alto, and other cities across the Bay Area, we provide a wide range of services for every need. When you need help, our caregivers are there to provide it.