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How Can Technology Help Keep Seniors in Their Homes?

by Amy, October 09, 2015

keep seniors in their homes

Did you know that by 2030, the CDC predicts that seniors will account for about 20% of the population in the U.S.? This is huge - and learning more about how we can keep seniors in their homes and allow them to remain independent is important. As trusted Menlo Park home caregivers, we keep up with the latest news and trends in regards to senior care, particularly when it comes to helping those who are aging remain healthy, fit, and independent.

Of course the choice of an in home caregiver is ideal for many families who want to keep their loved ones out of nursing homes and assisted living facilities for as long as possible. What else can help seniors enjoy the comfort of their own homes longer? Technology, according to a recent article at HomeCare magazine. From medical alert systems to Internet technologies and medication management tools, our society is making it possible for seniors to enjoy an independent lifestyle many wouldn't have thought possible a decade ago.

Online, seniors can stay connected to family and enjoy a sense of engagement by using email and social media platforms such as Facebook to communicate. Using Skype has become popular, as seniors and their friends/family members can actually see one another while engaging in conversation. The Internet also makes it easy for seniors to access information about anything and everything, including lifestyle, health, and medical issues.

Medical alert devices and mobile response apps available for tablets and smartphones make it possible for seniors to get help immediately in the event of a medical emergency or fall. This can provide immense peace of mind for seniors who live alone - and considering that every year about one-third of adults 65 or older fall, the ability to obtain help immediately is important.

Telehealth technologies have made it possible for patients who have transitioned from hospital to home to be monitored remotely, giving those who are elderly the peace of mind they need without having to make multiple trips to the doctor's office or clinic for check-ups. Seniors can recover at home and communicate with medical professionals remotely, while their progress is monitored via telehealth technology.

Today it is possible for seniors to take advantage of countless tools to stay connected socially, monitor their health, and stay independent in a way they never could before. However, technology still cannot replace a human for seniors who need assistance with bathing, cooking, getting dressed, light housekeeping, running errands, and more. At Care Indeed, we cater to Menlo Park seniors and their families, providing compassionate in home caregivers who are highly trained and trustworthy, dedicated to the well-being and happiness of the elderly. Give us a call now.