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How Caregivers Can Encourage Healthy Choices

by Amy, September 24, 2015


As we head toward fall, it's important to take care of yourself as a caregiver, and help those you care for enjoy each day to the fullest. Whether you live in San Francisco or any surrounding area, making healthy choices for aging loved ones as well as yourself is important. Caring for an elderly parent can be draining; you may feel that you never have time for yourself - and you may often feel like you're burning the candle at both ends, particularly if you have your own family to care for. How can you rejuvenate yourself, and help those who are aging be healthier and happier? We have a few suggestions we hope you'll find helpful.

September, October, and even November are some of the best months for getting outdoors in the Bay Area, considering the daytime temperature ranges from about 60 to 70 degrees. Getting some fresh air and sunshine helps with depression, and also motivates many people mentally, socially, and spiritually. Taking a 30 minute walk, doing a little stretching in the park, or just sitting outdoors and taking in nature is relaxing and reminds you that you are alive! This is important for both caregivers, and the ones they care for. Seniors shouldn't be cooped up indoors day after day.

Consider the importance of daily social encounters. Those who are aging need to have connections with loved ones and a sense of community. Staying connected with friends and family is proven to slow the aging process, and we all want to feel needed. Whether it's talking on the phone with a family member or having a cup of tea with a friend or neighbor, make social encounters a daily goal.

Seek out activities outside the home. Reading, working a crossword puzzle, crocheting - there are countless things to do at home, but getting involved in social activities outside the home gives us a sense of passion and purpose, and helps keep us young both physically and at heart. Whether it's dancing, painting, joining a book club, riding a bike, or any other favorite hobby, stay involved! It is important both for seniors and their caregivers to have activities they are passionate about outside the home.

The fact is those who are aging get lonely, and staying home 24/7 only magnifies the feeling of loneliness and loss of purpose. Caregivers need a break as well, as caring for the aging isn't an easy task. If you need help with caring for an aging parent or senior, count on the San Francisco home caregivers at Care Indeed. Our services can be customized to your needs, giving you a much needed break and peace of mind knowing your loved one is in capable, caring hands.