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How Technology is Making Lamorinda Home Care Easier

by Amy, February 13, 2015

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At Care Indeed, our Lamorinda in home and live in caregivers are fully aware of how today's technology is helping improve the quality of life for aging adults and seniors - and even extending lifespan. While technology isn't always so welcome, it certainly is when it comes to the elderly! Today, fall detection services, medication delivery systems, and other technologies make life easier and even safer for those who need a little help with day-to-day life. What are some of these technologies? Here are a few examples.

Monitored medications. For those who are elderly, remembering to take prescribed medication - or remembering whether they have already taken it - can be difficult. To help seniors take medications correctly and even understand more about those medications, companies have developed digital medical distribution systems and organizers that provide the elderly with both visual and audio cues to remind them to take their medicine. This can also be very helpful to Lamorinda home care givers.

Gyroscopes and accelerometers to detect falls. Falls are one of the biggest dangers for seniors, particularly for those who live alone. In the past, it could be impossible for those who were elderly to reach the phone. Now, automatic fall detection technology has made it possible for falls to be detected in real time, not only saving lives, but providing caregivers with peace of mind as well, knowing that elderly loved ones are monitored in case no one is around when a fall occurs.

Smart wheelchairs, HVAC systems, and more. Assistive living technologies are really quite amazing, when you think about it. Today, GPS tracking is integrated with "smart" wheelchairs, HVAC systems can be controlled remotely, and cochlear implants can help restore hearing for those who are hearing impaired, helping them be more aware of their surroundings. There are countless assisted living devices on the market today, all making for a safer, more independent living experience for seniors, and their caretakers.

Who knows what else is on the horizon?

Today's technologies can have a highly positive impact on the lives of not only the elderly, but those who care for them as well. At Care Indeed, we want to help in-home and live-in caregivers stay informed on the latest technologies, making life easier for everyone involved. Need help with care giving? Call our Lamorinda home care services today.