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In Home Caregivers - Make Better Mental Health Your Resolution For 2018

by Amy, December 07, 2017

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While our focus is providing in-home care services to seniors in the Bay Area, we know that everyone ages - and as we do, we may not be as mentally sharp as we once were. It's important to think about your mental health, whether you're 50, 60, or even 70. Taking care of your mind and brain can go a long way toward avoiding or slowing the progression of dementia or other issues. We encourage you to make 'better mental health' your resolution for the new year!

Make sure you're happy with what you do. Of course, you can't go back to when you were 25 years old and become a surgeon or lawyer, but you can rewire things a bit so you truly enjoy life. If you still work, make sure it's something you don't dread each day. Make the decision to no longer put up with things that annoy you or make you anxious. Stand up for yourself. You are the only one who is in control of YOU, so make sure you take action that will lead toward a calm mind and a happy, more energized life.

Slow down - life doesn't dictate a frenzied pace. Taking a breather and slowing things down is essential for your mental health. Between going to work, taking care of household chores, running errands, and social obligations it may seem there's never a spare minute. You can take a day or two off - and the world won't stop. Keeping up with the rushed pace on a daily basis, where all you see are deadlines in front of you, is exhausting and not good for your health. Make time to slow down and focus only on yourself, whether it's for 20 minutes in a warm bath or a long 3-day weekend.

Spend time surrounded by nature. There's something healing, calming, and serene about being surrounded by nature, whether you take a walk in the woods, go fishing, swim, or just take in the sights and sounds Mother Nature provides us. Considering we live in a technological world, going back to basics and connecting with nature relaxes you and provides a fresh outlook on any pressure or challenges you may encounter.

Sometimes clearing the clutter out of your life can help clear the clutter in your mind, too. Clutter, whether on tables, in the closet, or throughout your home can make you feel disorganized. On the other hand, clearing out and keeping things to a minimum helps you experience a sense of calm - and tossing all of the old items, clothing, etc. you don't need, while donating it to those who do, will help you feel accomplished.

At Care Indeed, we know that maintaining mental health is important, not only as we approach our "golden years," but earlier in life as well. Whether for a parent suffering from dementia or Alzheimer's or one who simply needs a helping hand, our Bay Area in home caregivers are trustworthy, dependable, and most of all, dedicated to helping your loved one live a healthier, happier life.