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Live In Care For Seniors - Living with an Aging Parent?

by Amy, August 17, 2015

live in care for the elderly

Many adult children make the decision to live with an elderly parent when the other parent passes away. Perhaps you promised your mom or dad that when the other died, you would take care of the surviving parent so that he/she never had to face the horrors of a nursing home. Now that you've made the decision and have been living with your aging loved one (or he/she is living with you), you may regret it. Taking care of a senior 24 hours a day, particularly when he/she has medical or mobility issues, is a tough job - much tougher than many grown children realize.

At Care Indeed, we realize that many adult children feel they have the responsibility of caring for an aging parent; after all, your parents raised you into adulthood. However, it's not easy juggling a job, marriage, children, a social life, and having to take care of a parent. Even if you're divorced with children, or have never married or had children, living your own life becomes almost impossible. You may wonder what you have gotten yourself into, as taking care of an elderly parent can literally take over your life, leaving you with no independence.

Of course you had only the best of intentions, but now you find that in reality, caring for your aging parent isn't nearly as easy as you thought it would be. At Care Indeed, we provide live-in care for families in the San Francisco Bay Area, giving you peace of mind while helping you enjoy more freedom and the ability to live your own life, whether that involves a busy career, taking care of your own family, or simply taking a break from the demands of caring for an elderly loved one.

It may be fine at first, but after a while, providing around-the-clock care for a parent takes its toll. Our live in care for seniors make it possible for you to live your own life, while knowing your elderly loved one is getting the best possible care and attention. From help with medication to laundry, preparing meals, and light housekeeping to bathing, eating, and toileting, we provide caregivers who are patient, caring, and most of all, compassionate and dedicated to enhancing your loved one's living experience. Contact us today, and enjoy peace of mind knowing your aging parent is in capable, loving hands.