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Meet Caregiver of the Month: Maria Pastrana

by Jason, January 17, 2020

Maria started working at Care Indeed in 2018. She took it upon herself to take an Alzheimer’s class to better understand what her clients with neurocognitive diseases experience and how she can support them to ensure they maintain the highest quality of life. Maria would like to pursue her certification for becoming a nursing assistant in the near future. Learn more about Maria's caregiving story and what she loves most about working at Care Indeed.

What do you like most about your job?

The best aspect of my job is the fulfillment it provides me when caring for seniors. When you are doing something you love, it is easy to work hard - especially when your position directly benefits the well-being of others. I feel like my job is aligned with my purpose. I feel energized and excited to go to work each day simply because I'm passionate about my vocation. 

What drove you to begin your profession as a caregiver?

It all started when lending a hand to a friend in need. I fell in love with the work, and I discovered that it's possible to pursue a career as a professional caregiver to help those suffering from different health challenges. 

How would you describe Care Indeed’s Culture?

What I really like about the company is that the work is constantly evolving. I am able to support many different clients and their families - there are a lot of opportunities to learn and grow professionally.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love to help out at my children's school in different capacities, including assisting with cooking and distributing food to the classes. 

What do you think about being the employee of the month?

I am very proud to be the caregiver of the month. It motivates me to do more and strive harder to be a role model to my co- care attendants and an advocate for seniors. 

Is there anything you want to share with your colleagues?

The best advice I could share with my colleagues is to practice self-kindness. Know your limits and ask for support when you need it so you can focus on the client's health goals. Calling on co-workers or mentors isn’t a sign of weakness—it shows you’re working to manage your stress levels to ensure you’re providing the best care possible. Reach out to a friend, family members, or even a professional for guidance when needed.