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Menlo Park Caregivers Share Benefits Of Home Care

by Amy, September 09, 2016

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A recent report released by the HCAOA (Home Care Association of America) found that home care will continue to be of great benefit to those who are aging; the entire health system; and seniors' families, as the percentage of seniors in our population continues to rise.

The report, Caring for America's Seniors: The Value of Home Care was released in early June, and contains statistics and data anyone with an aging parent or loved one will find useful.

Some of the key findings in the report include:

  • By using home care services, the yearly health care costs saved by employers is about $13.4 billion.
  • Home care results in fewer doctor visits for seniors - in fact, about 25% fewer visits to the doctor.
  • Home care results in a savings of approximately $25 billion annually in hospital costs.
  • Of adults who are 65 or older, about 40% currently require daily assistance - this number is expected to grow to about 70%.

To our in home caregivers at Care Indeed, it's obvious that more and more seniors are trending toward living in their own homes - aging in place. This means that there will be an increase in the number of family members caring for an aging loved one, as well. For many caregivers, it can be extremely challenging to care for a parent or other senior while still taking care of your own career, family, and other obligations. However, you want to feel assured that an aging loved one is as healthy, safe, and cared-for as possible.

About 90% of seniors prefer to remain in their homes; while this keeps seniors healthier both mentally and physically, it can take its toll on family caregivers.

At Care Indeed, our Menlo Park caregivers help families face the challenges of caring for seniors. We offer a wide array of caregiving services customized to your unique needs. Contact us today and experience peace of mind knowing your elderly loved one is getting the compassionate care he/she deserves.