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New Faces at Care Indeed

by Amy, August 31, 2017

Connor English, Head of
Franchise Development
Danielle Pryce, Care
Jeffrey Leyesa, Care Coordinator
Christopher Rawnoi, Office

Connor English is Care Indeed's Head of Franchise Development. He has a bachelor's degree in self-designed Major of Entrepreneurship & Communications from Miami University, Minor in Digital Technology. Connor's background, as he puts it, is redesigning the wheel and how things are done. He previously worked at Vector Marketing, GreenShield (a financial wellness company), and Flex (formerly Electronics).

Jeffrey Leyesa is a Care Coordinator at Care Indeed’s San Mateo office. Although he is new to the position, he feels that he is taking on his new role well. Previously working as an office assistant, he felt that his healthcare skills will not only benefit Care Indeed, but also the clients he is working with. He enjoys being in the healthcare field because he is devoted to helping others and gets to obtain endless amounts of education as the field is always changing. Being involved in his clients’ daily lives excites him.

Christopher Rawnoi is a graduate from California State University--Sacramento with a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations. He believes that he has the ability to learn and make a positive difference in someone’s life. He is passionate about helping others, as well as helping them achieve a better quality of life. According to his peers, his fun and energetic personality shines through every day and adds joy to any stressful situation.

Danielle Pryce is a Care Coordinator at Care Indeed’s Menlo Park office. She has a bachelor’s degree in Zoology and has a veterinarian technician certification. Although her degree was in a different field, she feels that the healthcare field is no different when treating sick patients as to treating sick animals. With previous experience working in a hospital, she has the ability to make trusting relationships with her clients, as well as their families. She describes herself as a “fixer” which means that she always wants to help others even in tough situations where she knows she can’t. In the end, she always finds ways to solve or relieve problems. Throughout her two months at Care Indeed, clients have commended her on making an impact on their lives.