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by Amy, November 30, 2017

Relationships Critical to Health & Happiness in Seniors

An ongoing Harvard Study that began in 1938 and still continues today finds that, for the elderly, living a happy, fulfilled life isn’t about great genes or money; it’s all about relationships. As a home caregiving agency for Bay Area seniors, we already know the correlation between relationships and better health and happiness – and how loneliness can work against seniors.


"Old People Smell" Real or Imagination?

Whether you go into a nursing home, assisted living center, or even the home of your aging parents, you think you notice something that just smells ‘different,’ and not too pleasant. Is that an ‘old people smell,’ or is there really such a thing? Turns out, there is – and it begins as we grow older, some say as early as 40.

What causes that odor, even in those who practice excellent hygiene? A chemical compound that develops as we age, called Nonenal. So, why does this compound form?

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