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Optimize Your Body for Wellness

by Amy, June 30, 2017

Optimize Your Body for Wellness

Care Indeed had the chance to attend the Avenidas Living Well Conference on Thursday, June 15th. The conference mainly focused on the body, mind and spirit. Out of the three speakers, Georgina Singh’s presentation related to us the most. Although her presentation was focused on body wellness, she reinstated that the mind, body and spirit all work cohesively to maintain overall health.

In her presentation, she mentioned four key elements to optimize wellness.

  • Physical Activity
    • Anything that gets your body moving, any activity that raises the heart rate
    • 30 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic exercise per day
      • Walking, jogging (activity that raises heart rate)
    • At least two days of muscle-strengthening exercises
    • Customizable approach
  • Healthy Eating
    • A well-balanced diet that addresses all of your nutritional needs
    • Quality of food
      • Shop at local farmer’s markets
      • Promote farm to table
    • Identify your nutritional deficiencies
      • Vitamin deficiency is seen in most people.
        • B6 — Hormone function
        • B12 — Energy, mood
        • Iron — Creation of red blood cells
        • Folate — Cell repair and growth
        • Calcium — Strong bones and teeth

        *Vitamin supplements can help with these deficiencies.

      • Customize meal plan to optimize your body’s wellness
    • Sleep
      • Not an option, vital for survival
      • Not enough sleep can result in adverse cognitive changes.
      • Increase in age, more difficulty in sleeping
      • Sleeping solutions
        • Magnesium supplement (decreases cortisol levels)
        • Amino acid therapy
        • Stress reduction
        • Diet modification
          • Food can be a root cause in sleep disturbance
    • Emotional Wellness
      • Fight or flight response (know what triggers stress)
      • Emotional regulation
        • Find what makes you happy
        • What are your favorite hobbies?
        • What do you like to do for fun?
      • Learn how to seek peace in our lives
      • Understand happiness
    Take away message: "Eat well, sleep well, and love well!"