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Senior Care - Making Seniors Feel Happy And Loved During The Holidays

by Amy, December 14, 2017

As Bay Area caregivers, we know that many seniors are lonely and isolated a great deal of the time - but the holidays can be especially lonely for those who've lost their partners, live alone, or...

In Home Caregivers - Make Better Mental Health Your Resolution For 2018

by Amy, December 07, 2017

While our focus is providing in-home care services to seniors in the Bay Area, we know that everyone ages - and as we do, we may not be as mentally sharp as we once were. It's important to think...

In Home Care - The Advantages Of Growing Older

by Amy, November 30, 2017

As Bay Area in home care providers, we know that, for seniors, it seems there is rarely any good news. Most of the time, growing older means more health concerns, more decisions regarding where to...

November Blogs

by Amy, November 30, 2017

Relationships Critical to Health & Happiness in Seniors

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Care Indeed COO Speaks at EPCSAC

by Amy, November 30, 2017

Vanessa Valerio, RN, CMC, was one of the speakers at the recent Estate Planning Council of Southern Alameda County (EPCSAC) dinner meeting in Fremont. The EPCSAC is an interdisciplinary...

Aging 2.0 | OPTIMIZE

by Amy, November 30, 2017

Our COO, Vanessa Valerio, and Head of Franchise Development, Connor English, attended a two-day conference called Aging 2.0 Optimize. Aging 2.0, a global network of innovators, is an...

Care Indeed Thanksgiving Dinner

by Amy, November 30, 2017

There is always something to be thankful for! Care Indeed's CEO, Dee Bustos, and COO, Vanessa Valerio, invited the Care Indeed team for Thanksgiving Dinner at Il Fornaio on Wednesday, November...

Care Indeed's 2017 Holiday Party

by Amy, November 30, 2017

You are invited to Care Indeed's 2017 Holiday Party

Caregiver of the Month - November 30, 2017

by Amy, November 30, 2017

Harriet Tuipulotu is a certified nursing assistant, home health aide, and caregiver. She has been with Care Indeed since 2015 but has been a caregiver since 2010. When asked what inspires her to...

Editor's Notes - November 30, 2017

by Amy, November 30, 2017

Gratitude can transform the way we think and feel. It can make our relationships more meaningful; it can also offer us a heightened sense of empathy and self-esteem. This Thanksgiving season, and...

Seniors Refusing Home Care Isn't Uncommon - What Next?

by Amy, November 23, 2017

Seniors in the Bay Area are like the rest of us - they want to be self-sufficient, independent, and most of all, remain in their own homes where they're comfortable and in familiar surroundings....

Meditation Offers Health Benefits For Seniors And Their Caregivers

by Amy, November 16, 2017

Meditation has been proven to provide many benefits in terms of mental health and happiness - and it's not just for the younger generation. Whether you choose mantra or breathing meditation or...

Home Care - Relationships Critical To Health And Happiness In Seniors

by Amy, November 09, 2017

An ongoing Harvard Study that began in 1938 and still continues today finds that, for the elderly, living a happy, fulfilled life isn't about great genes or money; it's all about relationships. As...

Senior Care - Is 'Old People Smell' A Real Thing Or Our Imagination?

by Amy, November 02, 2017

Whether you go into a nursing home, assisted living center, or even the home of your aging parents, you think you notice something that just smells 'different,' and not too pleasant. Is that an...

October Blogs

by Amy, October 31, 2017

Staying Active As We Age

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