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Palo Alto Caregivers Offer Tips for Healthy Aging

by Amy, July 11, 2015

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At Care Indeed, our Palo Alto caregivers know that aging is an inevitable fact of life; we all age, and some have a more difficult time than others. Whether you are a senior or the adult child of an aging parent, there are things you can to "age gracefully." Certainly medical conditions or diseases are a possibility, but aside from things you cannot control, there are many aspects of aging that ARE within your control. Below we have a simple "blueprint" to healthy aging.

The word of the day when it comes to healthy aging is stimulation: Physical, mental, and social.

Mental stimulation is vital for a sharp mind. Many seniors are as "sharp" mentally as those half their age or even younger. How can seniors maintain a sharp mind, and avoid many of the issues others who are aging face? By staying mentally active. Engaging in conversation with others on a regular basis, working crossword puzzles, reading, doing Sudoku, and even watching television game shows that entertain and compel seniors to play along can keep their minds sharp.

Physical stimulation is important throughout life, especially for aging seniors. Of course the elderly aren't expected to engage in aerobics or other high-impact activity, but even the simplest exercise such as walking, dancing at the local senior center, or Tai Chi can help preserve bone and muscle strength, and help avoid aching joints. Regular exercise is key to good physical health; be sure to change your routine up every now and then to avoid boredom.

Staying active socially. Sitting at home for hours upon hours every day can lead to feelings of loneliness and boredom, or even result in depression. Your aging parent should continue to engage in favorite hobbies, get out with friends for a game of cards, lunch, or a movie when possible, even attend church or simply visit with neighbors occasionally to stay socially active. Many areas offer activities designed especially for aging seniors such as book clubs, golf leagues, bridge clubs, or even knitting/crocheting groups. The importance of staying connected to others cannot be stressed enough!

What is the takeaway here? Seniors should stay as mentally, physically, and socially active as possible in order to enjoy healthier, fulfilled lives. At Care Indeed, our Palo Alto home caregivers are dedicated to helping improve the lives of those who are elderly, proving compassionate care, companionship, guidance with physical/social activities, and more.